Winter SuperNats Programs @ Renaissance

  • 2023/24 Winter Junior Registration Form
    Renaissance Tennis Club

    October 10th 2023 - March 29th 2024
    No classes 12/24/23 - 1/1/24
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  • Junior SuperNats Tennis

    This class consists of highly competitive juniors ages 9-13 who are looking to improve their tournament results. Training is devoted to instructional sessions on court, extensive drilling to sharpen all strokes, competitive games and playing points while being coached in tactics. Our goal is to take already competitive juniors and fine-tune their playing skills so that they can have a successful junior tennis career and beyond.
  • SuperNats Tennis

    This is an invitation only class, meaning you must be approved by the Class Director, Aaron Gomez. During this class, players will be trained through intense drilling, competitive match play and fitness, tactics and strategy. This is an all-encompassing program with a goal of producing top ranked, well rounded players. Physical fitness, consistency, and mental toughness are crucial to the Super National program.
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